About Us

Katja is an American and European educated entrepreneur and a curator of style and design.  Born in America and raised in the United States and Europe, she is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur. Her business interest spans Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. She has university degrees in Art History, Literature and Foreign Language. Her unique blend of knowledge, education, experience and family heritage enables her to bring together the differing cultures and styles around the globe that are expressed in her personal style and design. She has held operating, marketing and design positions in companies ranging from Oracle Corporation to Sothebys as well as in smaller bespoke jewelry companies and her own design firm.Katja is widely respected for her keen eye for styling, design and fashion. She has built a successful fashion, decorating and design business in home décor, jewelry and bespoke accessories, developed a large and loyal clientele and made personal connections with designers and artisans across the globe.